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Dan #Nepal600Dan Furlong is an entrepreneur with a passion for both fitness and humanity. The ‘Blink Now’ Foundation consists of the Koplia Valley children’s home which provides a safe and loving environment for 50+ children, Koplia Valley School that educates 350+ Children and a local women’s entrepreneurial center that employs 20 + ladies in a cooperative.

Dan realized that he could use his appetite for fitness and humanity to help enhance this marvelous project. Dan is planning to run 600 KM across Nepal from Katmandu to Surkhet, through the majestic Himalayan Mountains. This will mean that in order to achieve this dream, not only will he have to face the arduous encounters that the range will undoubtedly offer but he will also need to run the equivalent of a ‘half marathon’, on a daily basis, for a period of four weeks.

The story of this event could become an entry into the Guinness Book of Records as we plan to apply a collage of photographic images to the bus’ exterior which will proudly display pictures of all the donors and their loved ones who have supported him in this endeavor. This will also serve to demonstrate how much the world cares about the children of Koplia Valley. The run will culminate with all of the pupils of the school, joining Dan to complete the last five KM and to place a ‘love emoji’ on the world map.

Dan is receiving a great deal of family support with this challenge but he needs your help too. He is calling upon you as donors to help further enhance these children’s lives forever.

BlinkNow Donation Page