MAD Book Cover

What is Male Anxiety Depression (MAD)?

MAD is not just another ‘self help’ book that tip toes around the issues. It contains ideas and strategies that helped the author break free from a twenty year long struggle with mental illness that could have ended very differently.

MAD allows you to TAKE BACK CONTROL of your life.

By implementing the simple changes outlined in this book men are transforming the way they feel in a matter of months. Throughout this read you will learn what holistic changes you can make to heal your brain quickly, without having to reach out for insidious medication and continual visits to the Doctor. If you are thinking this sounds too good to be true then think again! Put MAD to the test and Take Back Control, so that you can live life in a way that you and many others didn’t believe was possible.

By the way, ‘Big Pharma’ are not going to like this book because male suicide and anti depressant prescriptions are epidemics in this country and I believe YOU deserve to know.