Dan Furlong

After a awful 20- year struggle with OCD and Addiction, it was walking into a 12-step fellowship and later finding a psychologist that would be Dan’s saving grace. Once he learnt the true nature of both illnesses, it was only then that  he was able to turn the tables on his condition (without medication) and restore his self-respect amongst family and friends. Dan now openly shares his scars by speaking on stages across the globe and is part of a charity that speaks to young people about mental health and addiction.

Despite all his struggles Dan has enjoyed a lot of success in business and is the entrepreneur behind brands such as Desert Chill, Wild&Fit and MAD. Dan is passionate about freeing people from what ever it is that is trapping them and all struggles can be transformed into beneficial life lessons.

Dan is a firm believer in that those who have a lot should give a lot and is extremely committed to his charitable efforts. In January 2018 Dan will be combining his passion for Fitness and Humanity to tackle the #Nepal600. A 600km run through the Mountains of Nepal to raise money and awareness for his beloved BlinkNow Foundation.

When he’s not working, running, speaking on stages or helping others Dan is a massive sports fan (Football, Rugby and UFC), enjoys spending time with friends & family and says his new drug of choice is ‘travel’.